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Eric and Claudia Davis established the Diamondback Grill in 1991 in a tiny 25-seat diner in Sonora, California.  Eric had driven by this diner, the Lasso Coffee Shop at the time, during visits to family living in the area for years and had always coveted it.  The location had been a diner for over 90 years and represented a true slice of Americana with chrome and red vinyl stools with a pink Formica counter.  In short order indeed, lines were forming out the door by customers waiting for juicy half-pound burgers, marinated chicken salads and goat cheese stuffed chiles.  Soon there was recognition in print by such periodicals as Restaurant Hospitality, Cottage Living, The San Francisco Chronicle Travel Section, Via Magazine, Foder's Travel Guide for the high quality meals with bold, direct flavors.  Honest food that reflected very grounded sensibilities; food that respected seasonality and preparation methods but never took itself too seriously.  Ranchers and lawyers can be seen elbow to elbow at our counter with shirt sleeves rolled up, biting into half pound burgers of locally raised grass fed beef and melting Fiscalini Farms cheddar cheese, all at prices that make our city dwelling friends green with envy.

Now the Diamondback has been purchased by Frank Uzzardo and Lana Smith. Both long time residents of Sonora. "We were looking for some type of business we could make our living on here in Sonora, so when the Diamondback Grill listed for sale, we jumped on it." Frank and Lana had been long time customers since the small original establishment. The Diamondback was an annual Christmas tradition for their family for 17 years.

Frank and Lana have been in the restaurant and Spirits business for thirty years. Now they can focus on the Diamondback Grill and the great community here in beautiful Sonora.

The truth is, the Diamondback Grill has always prepared “real” food from scratch with ingredients of quality.  We make all our dressings, soups, marinades, salsas, compound butters, smoke our own fish and meats.  We champion local products when feasible like turkey from Diestel’s Turkey Ranch or world class farmstead cheddars from Fiscalini Farms, local honey or organic produce from Kline Family Farm, Table Mountain Garden and other local producers.

In the summer of 2007, after 15 years in the same location, the Diamondback Grill shed its skin and moved across the street turning the tiny diner into a dynamic restaurant with three times the space. The new Diamondback Grill comes complete with vaulted ceilings, exposed original rock and plaster walls and a separate wine bar, where customers can enjoy a great wine experience. Still delivering on the promise of great food, wine and service, lines are again forming out the front door.

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